paper tales

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Paper tales is our first game , developed using the Flixel engine together with some box2d in its Alchemy port, for the videogame design and programming course in our university.

The game may be a little long to load, and it won't be stored into browser's cache so that you'll get always the latest version since we're still working on it! ;-)

Also, this is a Lite version of the game, with decreased assets and sound quality, so that the .swf will be downloaded muuuch faster! We also have HD version of the game, compatible with Win/Mac and a .air version. We are willing to send that for evaluation to who may be interested! =)

The version here is still a demo, and we'd like to get as much feedback as possible! =)

Contact us here for anything, and like our Facebook page! It's as easy as clicking here on the right! =P

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